How to place winning NHL betting

How to place winning NHL betting

Betters can place NHL betting in a wide variety of ways, but by right the most popular in NHL tournaments are money line bets. Other available bets that characterize NHL betting are NHL bet on over/under, puck, support, as well as futures bets, which are described in more detail in this article.

NHL betting Canada

In tournaments, it is the NHL betting Canada that is most often on the money line. For betters choosing such a bet, it is enough to decide on the forecast which team will emerge as the winner in the sports competition. Odds are indicated for each team on the bookmaker's platform. At the same time, bets on the team with lower odds are paid in a larger amount than on the favorite.

Another type of NHL bet, which, however, is not very popular - the puck bet. These types of bets require the favorite team to win with a specified number of goals. The goals in the NHL are almost always 1.5 goals, which means that the goal difference between the favorite and the loser must be 2 or more goals, and the losing team must lose or win by 1 goal.

Over / Under and Futures Betting

Over / under bet means the total number of goals scored by the teams during the competition. The amount of goals is set by the referee, while the bettor makes a bet on whether more or fewer goals from the set number will be scored.

As for futures rates, such rates are triggered after a certain period. An example of such a bet is the result, which team will receive the most points at the end of the season, this also includes a bet on NHL playoffs, i.e. which team will emerge as the winner in the playoffs. The most popular futures bet today is the Stanley Cup-winning team.

What is live NHL betting

Live NHL betting is based on live betting. Such bets are of particular interest to bettors by their activity and intensity, therefore, the size of the winnings here, as a rule, is higher. To make winning live bets, it is important to understand the mindset of the team. For example, if by the end of the match the favorite is one point behind, the coach has the right to replace the goalkeeper with an additional striker. If this does not work, and the competitor scores the puck again, for betters such an outcome may be beneficial for a bet with a handicap of -1.5.

How to make the best NHL bets today

For NHL playoff betting odds and other types of betting to be profitable, it is not enough just to use NHL betting tips. It is equally important to participate in betting on a convenient and understandable platform, where all the details necessary for good bets are reflected. Parimatch is one of the most convenient bookmakers to use. On the website, you can view information about which NHL bets tonight, and at the end of the day's competition, analyze what were the best NHL bets today.